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There is Hope During Grief

The Hope Beyond Today program has been developed by those who have lost loved ones, and have navigated through the maze of hurt, sorrow, and heartache caused by grief. Like many of us, they have experienced deep emotional pain. Their thoughts of encouragement will enable others to find hope during their own personal journey.

Hope Beyond Today is a six week program consisting of one hour sessions. Each session begins with a 30 minute DVD, which is followed by discussion time for the group to share their own thoughts, words of encouragement and comfort. It is the purpose of Hope Beyond Today to provide hurting people with practical ways to deal with their pain as a result of a life changing loss.

The DVD sessions are taught by Francis Welch and Nancy Self. Fran is a Pastor of Care, author, and curriculum director for Grief Care Fellowship. He has helped many hundreds of people cope with grief. Nancy Self is a gifted speaker who has experienced immense personal tragedies. Her journey enables her to give hope, comfort and encouragement to those who have experienced the death of a loved one. Nancy is the Florida Representative and Women’s Ministry Director for Grief Care Fellowship. Together, Fran and Nancy, bring many years of personal and ministry experience to help others find healing and hope during grief.


fran and nancy

Francis Welch and Nancy Self

Session 1 – Grief Is Not An Easy Journey
Session 2 – Influences Affecting Your Grief
Session 3 – The Ripple Effects Of Your Loss
Session 4 – Healthy Grief Versus Complicated Grief
Session 5 – Counsel From Those Who Have Walked This Journey
Session 6 – Now What? Where Do I Go From Here?
This curriculum is expandable to as many sessions as needed at the leader’s discretion. The teaching on each DVD is not longer than 28 minutes. Following the DVD, the group leader will open a discussion time. Five interesting discussion questions are suggested in the notes for each session.

One of the great parts of this new curriculum is that many thoughts and ideas actually come from others who have been on this difficult journey.


After the death of their loved one, people develop a strong desire to know more about the place where their loved one is.

In his book, One Minute After You Die, Pastor Erwin Lutzer has skillfully arranged Bible knowledge on the subject of death and what happens after death into 8 informative chapters. Pastor Lutzer is the teacher on the DVD based on this book.

One Minute After You DieThe chapter titles are as follows:

Introduction: Welcome To Eternity
1. Attempting To Peek Behind The Curtain
2. The Descent Into Gloom
3. The Ascent Into Glory
4. Welcome! You Have Arrived
5. Living In The New Jerusalem
6. When Hades Is Thrown Into Hell
7. When The Curtain Opens For You
8. Knowing Today Where You Will Be Tomorrow

Knowing what God says about death helps to comfort the grieving believer. This study will forever change how you think about the hereafter. Every person in the church would benefit from viewing this study, but especially those who have lost their loved one. The book, One Minute After You Die, and the DVD, are all included.

Course Features

  • 6 Bible-Centered DVD’s filmed in HD.
  • Designed to be conveniently completed during Sunday School, Life Groups or Bible study times.
  • Leaders Guide with notes.
  • Participant notes.
  • Will bring comfort to anyone who has lost their loved one.
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