grief ministry training

Preview of Module 102


Module-102 - Grief Mentors Are Called to a Unique Ministry

As a grief mentor you will develop the unique ability to come alongside family, friends and your community when death occurs. Many people simply do not know what to say to a grieving person. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family feel uncomfortable around grief, and even the griever may reject their own grief.

Session 1 – Recognizing Grief

It is so important to understand grief and recognize the person experiencing grief. Most often the griever does not understand their emotion resulting in complications of their grief journey. If you are going to assist the griever, you have to recognize what grief is and its impact on individual lives.

In Session 1 you will meet Mona Beckman, whose husband Ron unexpectedly died from illness even though the prognosis was for recovery. Mona shares her challenging journey as she worked her way through the confusion of grief.

Session 2 – Defining Grief

In order for you to recognize grief you must have an understanding of the many types of grief, how they affect the griever, and have the ability to offer wisdom and insight.

In Session 2 our interview is with Dick Beaudoin, whose wife died of cancer. Dick and his wife Marilyn served the Lord with mission boards in various overseas countries. Dick reflects on his journey of grief and the emotional struggles of a dramatically changed future.

Session 3 – Grief’s Emotional Roller Coaster

Typically most grievers will experience a roller coaster of emotions. Some days will be extremely difficult and some will be manageable and others can be agreeable. The challenge is that sometimes grief emotions can be buried somewhere and when least expected surface in the forms of sorrow, tears, anger and many various emotions.

In Session 3 Tom Phillips interviews Mike and Amy Bush as they share the roller coaster emotions hey experienced in the deaths of family members.