grief recovery

Preview of Module 104


Module-104In previous Modules we have shared the importance of the healthy grief journey and now in Module 104 we begin the important journey of assisting grievers. There are numerous ways that family and friends can help the griever have an effective process.


Session 1 – Hindrances to Grief Recovery

As the griever works through grief, well-meaning family and friends will offer advice. It is essential grievers discern if suggestions are helpful or hurtful.

Dudley Herrin’s wife died unexpectedly when the golf cart she was riding on rolled over. As Dudley reflectively expresses, “No one dies in a golf cart accident!” In his journey of grief he recalls the difficult times of emptiness and loneliness, followed by the realization of his need to progress towards his “new normal.”

Session 2 – Rebuilding Lives: Growing Through Grief

Ultimately your purpose as a grief mentor is to come alongside the griever assisting them in their healthy grief journey. One of your goals should be to recognize that the Lord will use their lessons in this journey to minister to others in their grief journey. This is especially true in our next interview.

John and Jo Smith reflect on the death of their adult daughter in an automobile accident in another state. Jo vividly remembers the day the phone call came of her daughter’s death, informing her husband John, and then the seemingly endless whirlwind of plane flights, the
memorial service, and the unbelievable encouragement of friends.

Session 3 – The Recovery Process

Each person’s grief journey is uniquely different and therefore their grief recovery is exclusively their own. Session 3 lays the foundation for future Module discussions on various forms of grief, and how you can minister in unique situations.

Stan Barnes and his wife Gail were at home on a Sunday afternoon when the State Police arrived at their home with the terrible news that their adult son had been killed riding his bike to work. Stan opens his heart in sharing his grief journey and ways the Lord encouraged his heart.