working with the funeral director

As you come to the completion of your journey in grief mentoring we want to share with you one final and beneficial Module. As you mature in your grief meModule-112ntoring you will find that people will recognize you as an “expert” in grief and probably you will be requested to assist in funeral planning. We are pleased that the contributor to this Module is a funeral director whose family has over fifty years of experience on providing services. The insight and wisdom shared will prove to be invaluable for you.

With us in Module 112 is Barry Brewer of Brewer and Sons Funeral and Cremation Services of Brooksville, FL. We felt it was important to include this interview with Barry as he and his family have been ministering to families for several generations. His insight into his personal commitment to family needs will be seen as he relates some of the practical aspects of family funeral care.

Session 1 – Introduction to the Funeral Director

The necessity of planning a funeral can be an extremely difficult time for the new griever. In the journey of grief the griever just wants to be “left alone” but funeral plans have to be completed. In this session we will journey with the griever as they are first introduced to the funeral home director and their staff. Everyone at the funeral home will try their very best to be warm, friendly, understanding and accommodating. They will try to make this initial part of the griever’s journey as easy as possible.

Session 2 – Funeral Planning

Of all the most difficult times in a person’s life, planning the funeral seems to be a time of seemingly endless questions. From dealing with the legal requirements of the funeral home, the writing of an obituary, the choice of a casket and planning the service, these are all stressful discussions.

Session 3 – Burial Planning

One of the more difficult times for grievers is the emotional reality of death as they meet with the cemetery staff. This is perhaps one of the first visible reminders of the death of their loved one. From the selection of the location, the expenses, legal requirements of burials, and the choice of a grave marker, the griever is ready to scream “leave me alone!”