The Journey In Grief Care is a training curriculum written and designed for the church. Its purpose is to “equip the saints” for the work of ministry. This ministry was born out of personal grief and broken hearts. The burden that God placed on our hearts was the need to help hurting people by equipping members of the church.

This training will prepare believers to come along-side and comfort those who have lost a loved one. Those who take this course will be skilled, confident, knowledgeable and compassionate as they reach out to those who need comfort.

Francis Welch, long time Pastor of Care at Northcliffe Baptist Church in Spring Hill, Florida in consultation with other Christian professionals, is the author and instructor of the Journey In Grief Care series.

It is not a secular course on counseling. This is a biblical, practical, down to earth, easy to understand curriculum. It is based upon many years of experience in ministering to thousands of real people with real pain. It was two years in development.

The “Journey” is biblical throughout and centered on the local church. Everyone needs this foundation, no matter how many other jobs they may have in the church.

The curriculum consists of 12 modules on DVD professionally filmed in HD. More information is available on this website, including samples of the teaching and interviews.

If your church has a grief ministry, this curriculum will build the necessary base of support among the congregation. It will bring your grief ministry to full potential by equipping and developing a large support base from among your people that will support, pray for and fuel a support group ministry.

If your church does not have a grief ministry, this is the place to start.

Depending upon how you use the Journey In Grief Care curriculum, you can expect the following results after people take the course:

  • The informed congregation beginning to reach out to every neighborhood where church members live, and becoming active in the ministry of comfort.
  • An informed group of people that will know how to come along-side a person who has just lost his/her loved one. Lack of information and know-how prevents people from reaching out to those who are grieving.
  • A fully active ministry of comfort where people now have confidence to reach out to the hurting. They will be motivated to visit them and express their concern. They may make a connection with that family for the first time.
  • An informed congregation, understanding the need to bring God’s comfort to hurting friends and neighbors, will be more aware of those who are hurting.
  • Follow-up care after the funeral for those who have lost loved ones.
  • An enlightened congregation who are now much more sensitive to those who have lost a loved one.
  • The ministry of comfort will encompass every department of the church, young or old, because death happens to all ages.
  • There will be many informed church members who will now be fueling and supporting a grief ministry that some churches may already have in progress.
  • Salvation decisions and discipleship will often be a result of the emphasis on helping mend broken hearts.

Please call if you have questions: 727-856-3530

If your church is a small church, mission church or new church and your budget will not allow for the full purchase price of the Journey In Grief Care Curriculum, please call 727-856-3530. This is important curriculum and we will help.

A number of our donors have set up a special account specifically to help with the purchase of this important curriculum.

Grief Care Fellowship is a 501(c)( 3 ) not for profit ministry. The staff are professionals, who happily volunteer their time and wisdom to serve God in this capacity.

No salaries are accepted by board members, consultants, and other staff.